This bundle of 4 mini courses includes:

  1. Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and increase focus
  2. Relaxation techniques to help you sleep better at night
  3. Techniques to reduce overthinking and being ruled by your thoughts
  4. Techniques to bring Awareness to your Emotions and help you manage them

These short, simple, easy to follow mini courses will teach you the benefits and science behind each technique, simple effective exercises and longer meditations. Each mini course includes:

  • Informative slides
  • Simple to listen to audio without the jargon or the woowoo
  • Videos to demonstrate exercises
  • Guided meditations you can download and listen to anytime
  • PDF guide to download and read anytime and make notes

You have access for the life or the courses and each one takes under an hour to complete.


Hi, I’m Michelle and I am passionate about teaching people the benefits of living mindfully and practising meditation to stop feeling overwhelmed, learn to manage stress, live more peacefully and become more calmer, focussed and productive.

Purchase the Mindfulness Toolkit (4 mini courses for the price of 3)


Mindfulness Toolbox - PACKAGE DEAL

Purchase 4 courses for the price of 3

This 4 course bundle includes 4 mini courses of mindfulness tools, tips, guides, exercises and meditations for the price of 3, including:

  1. Breathing techniques to reduce anxiety
  2. Relaxation techniques for better sleep
  3. Techniques to reduce overthinking
  4. Techniques to develop emotional intelligence