Hi, I'm Michelle, owner and teacher at Meditation Sunshine Coast in Australia. I am passionate about teaching people the benefits of living mindfully and practising meditation to Techniques to help reduce feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and stress, and increase feelings of calm, clarity and connection.

I began learning meditation during a period of feeling completely overwhelmed by life. I was separated, running a failing business, selling a house I could no longer afford to keep and looking after two small children. I had hit rock bottom...

I'm not really sure how I began meditating - I just remember that when I tried I couldn't sit still for more than five minutes or count up to ten breaths!

I found trying to learn through an app or on my own just wasn't working and through a series of synchronistic events I attended a meditation for kids workshop by the fabulous Janet Etty-Leal (Meditation Capsules). It was there I met the owner and founder of the Australian Center for Mindfulness and Meditation and went on to complete her Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation.

I did my Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training at the Gawler Foundation (based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's MBSR program) and also completed Craig Hassad's Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance (Monash University).

I have done Lorraine Murray's Connected Kids program, as well as Yoga Kids Training and Calm Coach training through Inspired Kids Yoga. I have also studied Youth Psychology and Counselling and am passitionate about sharing mindfulness and meditation with kids and teens, to give them the resources and tools to cope with the stress that has become everyday life in a modern technology focussed fast paced world.

For several years I ran my Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners program for kids, teens and adults, from my studio on the Sunshine Coast.

Now I am a Mindfulness Works facilitator; run workshops in the workplace; workshops and programs in high schools and school camps; 1:1 mindfulness coaching and labyrinth workshops. Thanks to COVID I am now also able to share my knowledge, experience and resources through online courses.

Practising meditation has helped me to become less reactive, calmer, more focussed and productive, creative, patient, healthier, kinder and compassionate to myself, as well as to those around me.

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